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Aloe Detail

Aloe Detail - January 2, 2010

It’s been a little over a week and the dailies are progressing nicely. It has re-energized my creative spirit in all sorts of new directions. I even pulled out the 8×10 this week for some macro work, not the easiest chore, but those giant negatives are worth the trouble.

This particular shot is a detail of an aloe plant in my wife’s office.  I love finding the beauty in details. I tried to capture the texture and form as simply as possible. I wanted to  let the curves and natural patterns of the plant create the photograph. This is a rather extreme macro photograph and is right at the limits of my little Polariod Tominon 105mm. It is just about 3 times life size on the negative. It makes a fine 8×10 print, sharp at the thorns fading to a nice soft bokeh to the left.

Details: Polaroid Tominon 105mm,  f45,  3m, Delta 100 4×5.

2010 Dailies: Aloe Detail

White Fuji Mum

White Fuji Mum, January 1st, 2010

My wife’s birthday is January 1st. She had mentioned how much she liked this flower, which was sitting in an arrangement on our breakfast table, during morning coffee. I had been thinking about what to start the dailies with; running through compositions, thinking what and where I might photograph. I don’t often attempt still life work, but the combination of a birthday, a beautiful flower, and morning sun made my decision easy. I set up a simple black cloth background, arranged the flower, and set up my camera. This shot was just about lifesize on my 4×5. It prints easily on Ilford warmtone  and has wonderful soft tones. The morning sunlight was perfect.

Details: Polaroid Tominon 105mm,  f45,  18s, Delta 100 4×5.

2010 Dailies: White Fuji Mum