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Kodak pulled the plug on it’s E6 color transparency films today. They were great films. I can’t imagine Fuji is far behind. E6 in low volumes just doesn’t make a whole lot of since. I don’t shoot color often and I definitely don’t shoot color seriously, but here are some shots in homage to E6. There is something wonderful about a well made slide. Hold one over a light table and the image glows with a certain brilliance that is absolutely unachievable with a paper print or a computer screen.

Blue Sunset - April 2004

Blue Sunset - April 2004 - RVP50

Rust #5 - February 2002 - E100S

English Wall - June 2002 - RVP

Happy New Year and welcome to my new blog. I will be posting general thoughts on photography and the modern art world, as well as updates on my own work. I work in black and white. I shoot large format, typically 4×5 but also 8×10. If you haven’t had a chance to visit my main website, please do,

I have a few different projects in the works. I am continuing my work with patterns and texture, exploring simple and complex subjects of all types. I will also be taking a photograph daily in 2010, updates on the 2010 Dailies Project will be made here. The first photograph in this series was taken today 1/1/2010, my wife’s birthday. I should have a print ready for scanning and posting soon.

I am currently taking commercial assignments of all kinds from commisions to portraits to event work.  Please send me an email for rates and further details.

A New Year of Photos