I have decided to begin moving away from my traditional website. Time is precious and a blog format seems like a good fit for the stage my work is in. In that spirit here is a new print from one of my favorite negatives. Reprinting has to be one of my favorite things about traditional darkroom work. It forces you to re-examine and hopefully improve the print. You have the notes from your original printing session but they are only notes. As Ansel would say, “The negative is the score, and the print is the performance.”

This is a 4×5 shot on Ilford Delta 100 taken with a Fujinon 135mm. It is almost 1:1. Unfortunately, my notes about the shot end there (wasn’t the best at note taking back then, all art no notes), but I do remember it being a rather long exposure of about 45s. The long exposure helped to create the swirling water effect on the black rock wall background. It is tack sharp and it prints to 20×30 easily.

Leaf Detail #1, Cohutta Wilderness, GA, 2008

Moving away from a website…

  • January 31st, 2012
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