Circuit Board Detail

Circuit Board Detail - January 8th, 2010

My left and right brains collided on this one. I tried to isolate the patterns into a circular type of shape that simplified the details into a stronger more coherent pattern. I really enjoy this photograph. I tend to think of the computer as the great simplifier, but this image pulls back the curtain on that idea.

I took this shot with my 8×10 Cambo monorail and my 105mm Tominon.  That’s right that tiny little Polaroid lens will cover 8×10 and is sharp to the corners! This shot is just over 4 times life size. The detail in the contact print is just wild. It took 6 flash pops from two 700w heads. That is a lot of light (2 to 3 times as bright as a clear noon day).

Details: Polaroid Tominon 105mm,  f45,  Bulb with Flash, Delta 100 8×10.

2010 Dailies: Circuit Board Detail

  • January 12th, 2010
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