Articles and Links

This section is a combination of links and short articles written by myself and other photographers. If you are a photographer or have a photography related site and would like to trade links please send me an email.

Technical Articles

Film Development Testing with a Densitometer – Will Wilson
Tools for Photographers – Joe Miller
Beyond The Zone System – Phil Davis

A Simple Way to Test Film – Steve Simmons
Reciprocity – Howard Bond

Large format Lens Information

Allen Rumme’s Lens Database (Antique/Vintage)
Michael K. Davis’ Lens Database (Newer Options)
Michael Gudzinowicz’s Lens Database (New+Old)
Fujinon Lens Chart
Paul Butzi Rodenstock Lens Archive
Lens Database by Ebony Cameras

Large Format Lens Tests

Filter Information

Filters Conversions
Wratten Filter Numbers

Tiffen Filter Factor Chart

Filters Conversions


Darkroom Tips and Tools – Ralph W. Lambrecht
The Unblinking Eye – Article Archive

Black and White darkroom for large format: a primer
Omega Enlarger database

Unicolor Drum Instructions

General Large Format Information

Elwood C2 – 8×10 Enlarger Parts List
Large Format Photography Information and Forum

Kerry Thalmann (Mostly Fujinon plus other gear)

Photovision Photography Articles and Tips

Free ViewCamera Magazine Articles

General Art Links

Untitled Nashville
The Richter Gallery – Nashville, TN

Artists / Photographers

Chad Wilkerson – Pixel Eight Art
Evan Baines

Gregory Byerline – Fashion, Portraits, Events (Nashville, TN)

Bo Streeter – Fine Art Landscape to Rock Star Portraits
Aliene De Souza Howel – Striking Work from Oil to Prints

me if you are interested in trading links.

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